Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10/14/08 or UFOs over Alabama

Yes, the aliens apparently do have
the same fashion sense as Elton John.

Imagine Christmas Day finally coming, you wake up shiny-eyed and rush down the stairs. Your stomach slowly sinks as you realize Santa did not come to your house last night. No presents, no tree, not even any annoying Christmas music. Nothing.

Now you know how Blossom Goodchild felt yesterday. She awoke to find that everything she'd put so much energy and hope into had been nothing but an elaborate lie. I think the disappointment in the air this Wednesday morning was damn near palpable. No Light Ship, No Elton John/Orlando Bloom Elf Aliens, not even any annoying Greys. Nothing.

That being said, it is of my opinion that this lady absolutely believed what she was saying. I think that is why so many people jumped on her "Aliens will bring Love and Light" bandwagon. She truly believed what her channelled sources were telling her. To trust in something she did not check against the true light and love of God was her first mistake and it is a mistake that many New Age channelers make. Sometimes the enemy really does come as an angel (or alien) of light. Just look at all the damage that was done by that ship not showing up and tell me with a straight face it was done in "light" and "love". They aren't here for light and love. They are here to do exactly what they did. Spread as much dissent, fear and hatred as they can.

My friends, Blossom Goodchild was absolutely used by the enemy. Please pray for her.

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